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Before Getting a New Kitten or Cat!!

By Frederick Marshall March 30, 2019 0 comments

Are you thinking of getting a new kitten or cat? Getting a pet is not unlike caring for a child because you will be responsible for the well-being of your furry friend, just like you would for your child. So if you have a kitten in mind that you want to bring home, you need to consider several factors before you bring it home.

Cats are known to live long – some can even live as long as twenty years so taking a cat home is not a decision that you should make lightly. So committing yourself to take care of a feline for its entire life span calls for a lot of consideration and crucial decisions which will be highlighted in the next few paragraphs.

The first factor you should bear in mind has to do with allergies. Many people suffer allergies which can be triggered by a variety of situation or things. Allergies to cats can be pretty severe when there is a mouser in the home.

There is hardly anything else that can break a little child’s heart quicker – and more devastating than introducing a new furry friend and then discover that the pet cannot stay. This is why it is highly crucial to ensure that every member of your family has been exposed to a cat or cats at one time or the other before you bring one to your home.

As mentioned earlier, many cats get to live up to twenty years, and that is a pretty long time to remain obligated to a feline. The cat will grow to adulthood over the years and become a part of your family.

Kittens are akin to babies, so if you have a toddler, then it is a great idea to bring home a kitten. But bear in mind that toddlers learn from their play – and the same applies to kittens.

Kittens grow very quickly and soon, that adorable little puff of furs that caught your eye and you brought home the other day, will not only reach maturity but start to behave in an unruly manner by climbing the curtains, tearing through every room in your home along with scratching up your furniture.

You will, therefore, have no choice than to start looking for and preparing alternative ways for your feline to play. For this reason, you should consider several options early so that you can save yourself some exasperation. One of the things you will eventually need to purchase to stop your cat from scratching your furniture is a scratching post.

Training kittens can be very challenging, and this is not because they are not smart. Cats are born with natural attitudes, and even though they manage to convey the idea that they know what you expect from them, they will take their time and do things their own way. As far as your feline companion is concerned, you are there for their comfort and there are no two ways about it.

You also need to consider kitten-proofing your home as much as possible. Items that look attractive to a toddler or child may not be of interest to a kitten. Kitten proofing is all about protecting not only your home but the kitten as well. So, look around and secure whatever may seem like a toy to a kitten.

Is there anything that is trailing or hanging to a certain extent? If it moves, it is a toy as far as your kitten is concerned! All and any loose cables or wires must be secured with the use of cable tacks and attached firmly either along the baseboard, walls, countertop, desk legs, etc.

Any item that may fall off a pedestal and harm your sweet little feline should also be secured. Secure trailing plants – like ivy, etc. – and do your best to ensure that your kitten does not get attracted to the plant in any way as this could be unsafe for both the plant and the kitten.

Make sure your mini-blinds are the types that come two cords instead of one continuous cord that was the old style. The change was implemented as a result of the hanging hazard that is linked with the single cord.

Check lamps, window treatments as well as any corded features in your home that may attract the attention of your new pet.

Any shiny object that can be batted around will get your kitten’s attention. So, keep paper clips, thumb tacks, jewelry, yarns, rubber bands, and tread out of the reach of your new furry friend.

The next thing you should also consider is the breed of the kitten you want to bring home. Yes, all kittens are lovely and cute with cuddle-ability factors as high as the heavens.

But the breed of cat you bring home is extremely crucial as well. Before you make up your mind on a particular breed, you need to consider the following questions:

  • How much grooming will your new feline companion require?
  • Does it shed, and if it does, how much?
  • How big will the kitten get when it reaches maturity?
  • How active or playful is the pet?
  • Is this cat’s breed known for getting along incredibly well with small children or with adults?
  • What about dogs? Does this breed get along well with dogs?
  • Do you desire a feline companion that you will love to cuddle and is always calm? Etc.

These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself before you make up your mind finally on the type or breed of cat you are bringing home to your family.

Next, where you get your cat also matters a lot as well. You can get a kitten from animal shelters, pet stores or from responsible breeders. Just make sure they have the necessary authorization that proves their credibility in the business.

On a final note, kittens are as small and as fragile as toddlers. Like toddlers, they can be fearless with zero concepts of danger. So, take your time when it comes to limiting the potential risk or hazard in your home for a safer environment for your lovely little kitten.




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