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Common Dog Training Problems!!

By Frederick Marshall March 23, 2019 0 comments

Dogs are the most obedient and loyal creatures on this planet, no mistake about that. The attachment that pooches share with their owners is unquantifiable which is why many dog owners prefer living with a dog than with another human being. The adorable relations between man and dog are seldom experienced anywhere else.

But many dog owners don’t find it funny when it comes to training their canine friend. They usually pass through a lot of avoidable problems just to ensure that their beloved pet is well-trained. But these obedient and loyal pets can throw tantrums during training and even after the training days.

At such instances, these dog owners get frustrated as they are unable to keep these creatures in line, thus leading to the disowning of the adorable creature. That is when the dogs start to deteriorate, and there is no turning back.

But you don’t want this to be you, or you don’t want such a scenario to play out between you and your canine friend. This is why this article will show you how you can tackle and overcome the problems you face while training your doggy.

Teaching or training a dog is a stressful job, especially if you decide to take it upon your own without seeking or hiring a professional dog trainer due to lack of funds or other reasons best known to you.

However, the first thing that you have to tackle as you embark on training your pet has to do with a proper understanding of your furry friend’s mood. Dogs can be extremely moody, but this can be taken care of if you know how.

So, get familiar with the type of nature your pet has before you commence training. Since your pooch cannot talk, the only way to know and fully understand your dog’s nature is to spend quality time with your pet. Play with your pooch as much as possible and this action – when done every day – will begin to foster a one-of-a-kind bond and relationship such that your canine companion will start to trust you.

Understanding your pet also makes it easier for you to readily pick up the signal when they are hungry, when they are full or if what they need is something that has nothing to do with food.

Further, you should try as much as possible to avoid chaining your dog if you want to train him properly. Dogs that get chained regular usually develop stubborn behaviors which can be very problematic for you later on when you want to train your canine.

Therefore, leave your dog unchained as this will make him more comfortable and trust you much faster than you envisaged.

One of the first things to teach your dog is where they can play rough and tumble. If you fail to train your dog and show them the place and the time they can play, they will end up dirtying everywhere, thus giving you a lot of work to do to fix things. This usually occurs if you have a very active dog that does not have an outlet for his pent-up energy.

You should, therefore, create time for feeding your canine and a place where he can play without overturning anything around the house. Make out time to take your dog out for walks or a run as well so that all those repressed energies can be expended and he won’t have enough energy to use to knock things over around the house.

Another common thing that a lot of dog owners do which should not be permissible is allowing your dog to sit, sleep or wander all over the bed and couches meant for you alone. Not only is this an unhealthy practice and an unacceptable part of training, but such a lifestyle may not go down well with your friends or people who visit you from time to time.

It doesn't even matter if your pet is clean and very tidy; your dog may be shedding, and the tiny tufts of hair can trigger allergies or spread viruses and infections around the home. Your friends may even stop visiting your home as a result of the uncouth behavior of your canine friend.

Yes, it is understood that you want to pamper your dog in accordance with the first point mentioned in this write- up. But that does not imply that you should allow your pooch to share your sleeping quarters with you or be all over the couch at all times.

Create a space for your dog if you don’t want to buy or build a doghouse for him. You should start training him not to take his antics beyond that space, especially when you have visitors. You are free to pamper your canine friend anyhow you want it, but everything should be done in moderation, even with pets.

So, in quick succession here are the four most common dog training problems that dog owners face:


A dog that bites is dangerous to both children and adults. It is the most dangerous of all the dog problems discussed in this article. You should start training your dog as early as possible not to bite people. If you fail to do this and your dog hurts someone, he could be put to death by order of a court of law.


Dogs that bark day and night consistently can be pretty annoying. Your neighbors will complain and may even get in touch with the authorities to intervene.

Potty training

Housebreaking or potty-training a doggy is a long and arduous process and an ongoing task. Therefore, be ready to clean your carpets more often.


Dogs easily get excited and can jump on you; that is fine, after all, you are his master. But it becomes bothersome if he keeps jumping on your visitors who may not be too comfortable with his boisterousness. Dogs can jump on anyone suddenly – or playfully – but end up knocking you or a child down a flight of stairs.

It is a cute thing for a puppy to jump on you as you come in through your front door, and another thing entirely when an adult dog jumps on you and you have not trained your canine friend to stay down.


As you can see, these common dog training problems are typical unless you do something about them. A certified dog trainer can help you to overcome these challenges easily while you go about your day-to-day activities to put food on your table.


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