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How to Tackle Ear Infections in Dogs!!!

By Frederick Marshall April 07, 2019 0 comments

Also called “otitis externa”, ear infections remain one of the most common health issues in dogs lately. They are also one of the hardest problems to take care of as they tend to come back over and over again. Ear infection in dogs is usually caused by yeast, bacteria, allergies and hormone imbalances. Depending on how they are treated, antibiotics can be used, but they are for short term treatments only. They do cause more imbalances that may lead to more ear infections some other time.

Allergic reactions to bacteria, fleas, food, or ear medications can initiate infections in your dog's ear. There are different ways you can notice infections in your dog’s ear; you can see him whimpering, shaking his head incessantly or scratching at his ears, or you can even see the release of a foul discharge from his ears. You might perceive odor in the ear, redness or swelling of the ear or see crusts inside of the ear.

There are several home remedies and DIY treatments that you can use to treat your dog’s ear infections without any side effects of treatment medications.

DIY Best Natural Holistic Treatments

  • Spray a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water in the infected area. The vinegar will act as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic to ease the discomfort and pain your dog is experiencing. You can also make use of witch hazel to clean your dog's ear as it is an effective natural astringent.
  • Apply four to six drops of the mixture of mullein oil and oil of garlic every day for ten days. This natural DIY holistic treatment kills viruses, reduces swelling and eases the pain. Your dog will feel relieved after the tenth day of application.
  • Mix the same quantity of pau d'arco and mineral oil and massage the mixture into the affected ear of your dog two to three times per day for several days. Pau d'arco is a very effective herbal antibiotic that can kill the bacteria and fungi that is causing infection in your dog’s ear.
  • You can apply a warm compress to the affected ear of your dog several times a day. This is an effective treatment that will help to alleviates the inflammation and pain caused to your dog by the ear infection.
  • The presence of hair in your dog’s ear can obstruct the flow of air into the ear, and this can lead to the dryness of the ear and susceptible to infection. To prevent this, make sure you pluck all the hairs in the ear canal of your dog, this will help to improve aeration and prevent the growth of infection.
  • Give vitamin C to your dog regularly as vitamin C is known to improve aural health and also inhibit the growth of ear infections in the future. Vitamin C will not only enhance the immune system, but it will also help to boost the secretion of the adrenal gland, which will help to fight ear infections in your dog.

These remedies are quite helpful; however, depending on how severe the infection is, you may have to see a vet promptly. Checking your dog’s ear daily is also a helpful habit, as you’ll quickly notice any sign of infections and therefore act swiftly. 




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