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Why Are Dog Accessories Necessary?

By Frederick Marshall March 24, 2019 0 comments

Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities as there are lots of things you have to bear in mind as a dog owner. Your beloved pet requires a lot of attention or special care, and this may call for some purchases in the form of dog accessories.

But many dog owners still question the need for dog accessories; some even believe that it is not necessary for dogs to have any accessories whatsoever. But is this true?

The truth is that dog accessories are necessary and highly crucial to ensure the comfort of your pet. Just as humans require daily necessities to make life more enjoyable and comfortable, dogs also need accessories for comfort as well.

Dog accessories can also enhance your dog care activities; though some of these accessories may be incredibly necessary while many others are conveniences or for fashion.

Now that it has been established that dog accessories are essential commodities that dog owners cannot do without, it is also imperative to find out which of these accessories are incredibly important or which ones are not.

Many of these accessories are apparent things – such as feeding and water bowls, etc. – that you need to get the moment you bring a puppy home. The type and size of bowls you get for your pet will depend on what you consider as the best choice for your pooch.

For instance, standard feeding bowls are ideal for mid-sized or small dogs while bigger and heavier bowls are for large-sized canines. Ensure you buy sturdy bowls made of ceramic as dogs usually have this funny habit of pushing the bowls around as they feed, thus resulting in a lot of noise. The bowl can even get lost in the process.

So get a bowl that is lined with rubber at the bottom to eliminate the noise it makes as your pet savors his meals.

If you have been a dog owner for some time, then you know how important it is by now to take your dog out for a walk or as part of a regular exercise. At such times, your dog requires a significant accessory set such as a leash and a collar. A wide range of this set of accessories is available in the market today at different prices, and you can pick anyone that catches your fancy and which your pet will love depending on your budget.

But you need to bear in mind the strength as well as the size of your dog when purchasing these accessories. Experts recommend that the collar of dogs should come with an ID tag – filled with your contact information – just in case your pet gets lost. Some local laws even have this as a requirement.

Since fashion is universal and the advent of pet fashion has seen to some remarkable pet accessories in the market today, you can purchase dog accessories such as pet boots, pet beds, etc.

But before delving into the essential accessories that your dog needs for enhanced comfort, you need to be sure of the type of materials used in making these accessories.

The materials that are commonly used for making dog accessories include:

  • Cotton knit
  • Denim
  • Quilted nylon
  • Polyester
  • Cotton-filled polyester

Pet boots are not only cute but also very functional. Floors can get too cold during winter or too hot during summer. Paw boots, therefore, provide exceptional protection to your pooch’s sensitive and soft paws. In addition to this, paw boots also ensure your dog’s pets does not crack which can be excruciating.

Dog coats or sweaters have become an essential commodity these days, and many dogs can be seen wearing pet-customized sweaters or coats. Chihuahuas, for instance, need a great deal of protection from the harsh elements. It is therefore vital to outfit your pet with a sweater or coat, especially during winter, so he does not get too cold.

You can also get some “bottoms,” i.e., shorts and pants for your beloved pet. All you need to do is to make sure that the bottoms are roomy enough to allow your canine friend to move about quickly.

A dog bed is another essential accessory that you need to get for your beloved furry friend. Ensure that the dog bed you purchase comes with full body support and the material used to make the mattress is hypoallergic. The dog bed must not have any poisonous substance in any way.

The dog bed you purchase must be able to prevent “bunching” while the comfort level must be nothing less than 100%. This dog accessory must also be gentle and washable, so you don’t replace it every few weeks. Also, find out if the brand that made the dog bed you are interested in has received authorization to do so by the dog health organization. A quick check on the internet via your smartphone will confirm or refute the brand’s claims, and you can act accordingly.

Another essential dog accessory is the dog tent. Dog tents are necessary for users who go for long trips in cold or hot weather at the end of which they enhance their pooches with dog tents.

A dog tent looks like an umbrella which props up at one flick of a button. There is a wide range of dog tents out there in the market or pet stores today. Dog tents vary in shape, quality, and size. This is what you need to protect your domesticated canine from extreme weather.

A lot of dog owners attend many events set up within a year with their dogs. For each occasion, the dog owners ensure that they have and wear matching costumes for themselves and their dogs.

Costumes are designed to fit certain events. Some costumes are even designed with sports, movies, and action figures in mind. You can go for any of the costumes that catch your fancy as long as it befits your canine companion.

As you can see, the dog accessories mentioned in this article are necessary for your furry companion to remain in good health and vitality.  



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